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Graal Reborn, just tryin to get it out there.

JDice88JDice88 Member Posts: 1

This game is 100% Free. Imagine an old school rpg by the name of Zelda: A Link to the Past, released on the Super Nintendo way back in the day, now take that game play style and imagine it as an open world online RPG with slightly better graphics. Graal Reborn is by far one of my favorite MMO games, do you enjoy PvP? Questing? Events? Guilds? The ability to create your own maps and script your own weapons if you wish? A wide range of servers? Then Graal Reborn is for you. This game is very open and it is built and ran completely by the players who play it. Graal Reborn is an adventurous massively muti-player online roleplaying exerience. Players (such as yourself) can build, create, host, nearly everything! Just about everything in Graal Reborn you can customzie anything. Graal Reborn can also help you anwser your questions about our project or using our software. Build a lake, create guilds, items, maps, levels, and it keeps going on, this is one game that'll make you keep coming back for more!



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