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I own some cool domains but what to do?

kanechartkanechart Member UncommonPosts: 707

I own some cool domains but what to do?

I have some good MMO type domains if developed right they could be great. The forums one I was offered 1,500 for it but when I asked what it was for it was some kind company in NY specializes in power leveling LOL this was like a year ago and I said no..






I mean heck I have the hosting and the money but just need some people maybe I guess dedicated people??

Ideas be good anyways.



  • kanechartkanechart Member UncommonPosts: 707

    No this would be a community thing I mean be like a mod on mmorpg.com and this more a thread of what to do not hiring :P


  • IlliusIllius Member UncommonPosts: 4,142

    Need money now?!


    No required quests! And if I decide I want to be an assassin-cartographer-dancer-pastry chef who lives only to stalk and kill interior decorators, then that's who I want to be, even if it takes me four years to max all the skills and everyone else thinks I'm freaking nuts. -Madimorga-

  • moonlight21moonlight21 Member Posts: 67

    It would be better if you are willing to pay so more people will be attracted or at least do some advertising so they will have to pay you instead.. :)


  • ChealarChealar Member Posts: 268

    What you will need is content.

    Either loads of content to come to par with sites as big as mmorpg.com, OR some unique content. In short, you need something that can get readers interested enough to read and, ideally, to pass the word around.

    Secondly, you need frequent and regular updates. so whoever was interested during their first visit will keep coming for more.

    When you get traffic, just sell those ad spaces, and you can start paying whoever stick with you to that point.


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