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How to dissable the NUM/CAPS/SCROLL LOCK notifications in Vista

AstralglideAstralglide Member UncommonPosts: 686

I have been having trouble with the NUM/CAPS/SCROLL LOCK notification messing (the annoying "NUM LOCK: OFF/ON" popup) up both MMO and Non-MMO games as I like to bind NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK and have my game minimized when I use them. This fix works in Vista (I run Vista 64 Ultimate) and should also work in Windows 7 (I will let you know if it doesn't). Keep in mind that this fix requires you to use regedit.exe which can damage your install if you play with it too much, so, unless you know what you are doing, take these steps, but do not get creative.


Are you getting a pop up message in the bottom right of your screen? Hate it? So don't we.


(this is more for me so I don't lose my mind the next time I have to install vista in another system. You see, I use Caps Lock as a bind for my games. Hitting it in Vista makes the message / window appear and knocks me into window mode in game with causes huge problems.)

In your windows search box (The field labeled "Start Search" when you click the Windows button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen) type regedit and hit "enter".

The popup is caused by a process called bttray.exe

You must edit the value in the registry located here (click on each of these fields in order):

  3. Widcomm
  4. BTConfig
  5. General
  6. KeyIndication

Right click on KeyIndication and change the value from 1 to 0.

Close the program

Reboot you computer

That should do the trick!

Big thanks to Kevin at Gamedemo.com who posted this fix. I tested it and cleaned up the instructions to add some idiot proofing,  but all credit should go to him. Please buy something from their store at amazon.com and search for "gamedemo.com"

Below is the link where I got the original fix from


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