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Played WOW again after YEARS

And posted a little story in my blog about it at:

How do you feel about Azeroth in 2009?



  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 38,239

    Should be more interesting in 2010.


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    Just trying to live long enough to play a new, released MMORPG, playing ESO - Blackwood at the moment.

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  • dougmysticeydougmysticey Member Posts: 1,176
    Originally posted by Kyleran

    Should be more interesting in 2010.


    I agree and that was the reason for my return visit now:)


  • EbenEben Member Posts: 522

    I just started again, on a new toon, new account, with no heirlooms or a main to help me out, to see the game from start to current before things get shaken up next year. 

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  • ThenariusThenarius Member Posts: 1,106

    At the moment, it's Vanilla<=TBC>>>>>>>WOTLK, but I'm sure Blizzard understood what they did wrong until now and will try to fix it.

  • PheacePheace Member Posts: 2,408

    I liked levelling loot a whole lot more in TBC, took far too long to find useful stuff in Wotlk. We're gonna replace it anyway, let the epic crybabies do it on the first level (rank, whatever it'll be for Cata)


    That said, quest/land layout structure took a massive leap for Wotlk, liked that part.


    Don't like Dalaran much though, too small too cramped.


  • GarfunkelGarfunkel Member UncommonPosts: 224

    Whilst on the whole I enjoyed TBC more, mainly for the pvp, I liked the levelling in WotLK more. The new phasing system is really cool and I like the boost in the graphics that Northrend has. Hopefully the old world with get the same in CAT.

    The only negative to WotLK (apart from having no pvp weapons in BG's :P) is what they have done to the quests. I used to like walking in to a new quest hub and picking up loads of quests where as in WotLK they feed you them piece-meal. Not only does this give me the feeling that just when I think I'm done some where I got to go round again, it makes for too many return trips to the the same map areas where as previously I was doing more objectives simultaneously. The end result is it feels grindy in places.

    The other thing about WotLK is what have they done to the armour designs? Vanilla had some great looking gear, TBC had some too - but WotLK gear is very understated and not very WoW-ish at all. I'm not sure what the art team is smoking. Where are the big shoulders with glittering effects going off round them? I miss them, bring them back.

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  • Tyvolus5Tyvolus5 Member Posts: 61
    Originally posted by Eben

    I just started again, on a new toon, new account, with no heirlooms or a main to help me out, to see the game from start to current before things get shaken up next year. 


    you must be seriously bored in your life, dude.   I am so sorry for that.

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