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How the heck am i to get my keycode???

xCHAINxxCHAINx Member Posts: 1

well i registered to this site and was told id get the key code for 4story but ... here i stand keyless....

how grand

any help would be hot


  • Suomalainen1Suomalainen1 Member Posts: 19

    Just click the link in my signature. When you sign up there, you will receive free newbie package with good stuff. You can get the package right in the game after you have downloaded and logged in.

  • darrelforestdarrelforest Member Posts: 2

    You know what. I got the key, but without verifying key, I got the newbie package. Check your Bank in the game. ESC key - Bank - Retrieve your free stuff.


  • mr.vmr.v Member Posts: 5

    already done that, but still havent checked the game bank...

    tell you guys when i do...

    P.S: I kindda did this already in my other account but i didn't understood how to do that step by step.

    It's not difficult, you just have to do it ...

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