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I wish Bethesda would revamp Morrowind (graphics/combat).



  • shad0w99shad0w99 Member Posts: 168

    Originally posted by Malickie
    Originally posted by NightCloak
    I dont like how mobs in both Oblivion and FO3 scale with you. I like hard areas and easy areas.
    Easy fix for this oscuros oblivion overhaul, simple mod to install (exe). Yet it fixes most issues people may have who prefer morrowind over oblivion. It adds quite a bit to the overall difficulty, and itemization (loot list). It rewards exploring much more as well as makes it much more dangerous. It also changes the way vendors work and adds tweaks like making drawers, barrells, boxes and chests open and close. It also changes flora and enemy spawns, higher lvl things spawn whenever rather than when you reach that level.

    Yup, Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul is amazing. I use Martigen's Monster Mod with it as well. With those two mods, it totally transforms the game. You no longer have to try and beat the leveling system and it ramps up the difficulty big time. The extra mobs and loot are great as well. I just started a new Mage character. The first thing I did was try to join the Mage's guild. After 10 hours of play time I'm finally allowed into the university but I'm struggling to get the staff, the Necromancers are just so hard to kill.

    It really makes you rethink combat and introduces a Risk / Reward system. You can go into a seriously hard dungeon and get some amazing stuff but it's gonna be very tough.

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  • SeisSeis Member Posts: 8

    There's some user made mods around that make the graphics in morrowind almost Oblivion like, also a combat mod which I have not tryed myself but has good ratings.






  • ArtaiosArtaios Member UncommonPosts: 550
  • MazinMazin Member Posts: 640

    None of your choices apply.

    My answer is NO! Don't waste your time Bethesda move onto TES 5 instead of revamping TES 3


  • Pcgamer81Pcgamer81 Member Posts: 186

    i don't recall any company revamping graphics of several year old single player game. pretty much what you would get is whole remake.

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,435

    Thanks for that link I may actually try the game when I get my pc back, sigh another game on the list to play lol.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,204
    Originally posted by UsedManatee

     I've been playing Morrowind for the whole weekend.  I really prefer it to Oblivion.  I'd definitely like to see a graphics upgrade, but honestly it's not *THAT BAD*.  It's not as pristine and shiny as Oblivion, but after just a couple of hours in Morrowind I'm already far more interested in it than I have ever been in Oblivion (which I never finished either).
    disclaimer: I did try to finish Oblivion, when I first got it, without any mods.  The trouble is I had gone off on side paths and frankly when I got back around to doing the main line the mobs had gotten so incredibly hard by about the fourth quest that it was simply impossible to go on for me.  I think the worst thing about Obliv. is the scaling of the environments.  I *want* to get radically overpowered.
    Well, that and the psychic guards really turned me off.


    hmmm, that wasn't my experience at least as far as the game becoming too hard.

    However, there are mods you can use to alter how powerful your opponents will get. I use Francesco's over Oscuro's because I just hate how much Oscuro's adds and changes.

    I also use a combat mod that makes the enemy ai better. Because of it I had some very long fights in Shivering Isles which I really liked.

    I also have a mod that gets rid of the psychic guards. It's a shame because it's either one or the other. Meaning that the mod will make it so that if a guard doesn't see you then that's it you can go where you want. But it's unfortunate because you never have that surprise of "being discovered".

  • AriocArioc Member Posts: 299

    I'd rather wait for the new Elder Scrolls MMO Bethesda is working on. :)

    Arioc Murkwood
    Environment Artist
    Sad but true.

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