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Reaction to the pvp footage.



  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161

    PvE are you and 3 other buddies breaking into some Common Wealth facility and breaking all their robots. There are sevral levels of difficulty and they are really quite challenging. It's still pretty early on for them and I can't wait to see what they do to them next.


    I don't see PvE becoming much of a part of the meta game PvP, other than a means to get enhancements to make your agent more powerful.

  • epicorepicor Member Posts: 60

     I did quite a bit of pve testing.  This past weekend we got to test the topmost difficulty, and it was somewhere on the order of Halo Legendary (but with 4 people).  Like Zukan said, they are still messing with pve, but its good fun.  

    ATM pve is more of a crafting/upgrades farmwhich i suspect is done on purpose to give ava bases upgrade components.

  • spLaggerspLagger Member UncommonPosts: 130

    FYI, viral marketing is marketing. Many companies do it.

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