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Hellgate London...err Hellgate Japan coming back?,1.shtml

Recently, A Korea MMO developer leaked their new plan about Hellgate: London, developing a sequel. After taking control of Hellgate: London and Mythos, the company is focus on completing the two failed MMO. Mythos will enter closed beta in Korea this september (relative news: Mythos Online Set to Enter CB in Sep), and then it's Hellgate's turn. So rumors have been flying around the intertubes all day about the next Hellgate.

Hellgate: London

Rumor 1: Hellgate: Japan

In the first place, it is Hellgate: Korea. Developer want to set the background in asia this time, but it is so familiar that may get people tired. Japan is very close to Korea and also has the unadulterated eastern culture.

Rumor 2: Hellgate: Beijing

Because of 60 anniversary of foundation, Korean stated it was a gift of birthday to Beijing. But it really makes me confused that why the emblem of Japan is Ultraman while Beijing is a stone lion. Can you tell me why?

Rumor 3: Hellgate: America

The third option is America because the company want to be a global developer and combine hellgate with american culture. This version may be more popular in NA market.

Rumor 4: Hellgate: Australia

Can you imaging that one day thousands of people are playing Hellgate in Sydney Opera House?

Rumor 5: Hellgate: Egypt

Egypt, the home of pyramid, is the last aim of rumor. Mysterious pharaoh's tomb and Terrifying legend are suit demon-infested Hellgate best.

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