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[H] Archimonde - PvP [US] - Project: Judgement

skydragonrenskydragonren Member Posts: 667

Hello Everyone!

Recently some friends of mine and I decided to try something new inside World of Warcraft.

We wanted to be a dominate force in PvP but also wanted to get back to the fun in wow, and steer away from the hardcore raiding we had been doing over the years.

I can't really explain how the idea came to us, but we finally ended up deciding on a paladin military type guild with each member being outfitted with a full suit of T2 judgement set (hence the name), and the Sulfuras, hand of ragnaros legendary hammer.

Some of us already had level 80 paladins, but some did not. Just mid level ones, since the judgement armor is level 60. We decided it would be best just to lock all paladins at level 60 and dominate that bracket of the game, getting back to the Vanilla stage of wow. Those of us who had level 80 paladins rolled new paladins to take to 60 and lock.

All of us have level 80 mains, which is nice because it allows us to farm all 3 raid encounters that the T2 set drops from in 1 night.


As of right now we raid Onyxia Lair, Blackwing lair, and Molten Core twice a week, clearing all 3 dungeons twice a week.

Judgement armor pieces are given to the 60 paladins for their suit and all other drops not related to the Judgement armor are divided up equally for repairs or just to sell for gold.

All of the items needed to craft the legendary maces are given to the GM to craft each member a Sulfuras Hammer.

Currently we have 7 members on board with this and are working hard to bring it to life. We would like to have more maybe settling around 20-30 range.

We are capable of soloing Onyxia, 2 man Molten Core and 6 manning Blackwing. So we are capable of doing what I say.

For more Information please visit our website at:

Our ventrilo information is on the site for anyone wishing to speak to us in person.

Also being from Archimonde isn't required. If you wish to reroll on archimonde, and start out as a level 1 paladin and climb to 60 we will PL anyone willing to stick around to that level and lock the paladin.



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