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RestoundRestound Member Posts: 1

It's sad really when someone can just up and take your identity and then use it to smash you to pieces.


Idk why no one else questioned this.


I mean especially with the fact that PStruth is banned from the EL IRC room. That alone should prove he's obviously not me.


Why would the Elemental Light, or how could they even ban Datruth, who created that room and helped create E.L? Better question is why I wouldn't just use my Restound or Datruth nicks to go into that room? What would the point be in making a new name like "PStruth".


Come on now... how obvious did it have to be. It was bad enough for people to bother me about this and have me come down here and do damage control. I mean seriously, all the attacks aimed at me, unwarranted and because a guy pretended to be me? It's infuriating, frustrating, and painful all at the same time.


How long would they have gone on for, if I hadn't posted here? "PStruth, you're ___ , you're that, you've always been this, you've always been that." What a travesty, what rape of a good mans honor, what ignorance.


Elemental Light knew obviously that whoever PStruth is, was definitely not me. Hence the ban.




Whatever wars you want to wage against me, have to be done while I'm away. I've been away and stayed away for more than a year. No other forums, no sites, except with my guild, for more than a year.


I'm going to keep it that way and there are no ways to keep in touch with me.




If I want to revisit P.S, It will only be on E.L forums. I'd never waste my time, my life, or my energy bickering over P.S, especially after this much time has passed.


After being banned from P.S forums, I did what most don't; I left. My Guild remains my last strand of contact to P.S I have and I hope I never have to show up on some 3rd party forum and have to do damage control again.


This is a wide sweeping message and I hope it gets out to everyone else. Datruth Left a long time ago, he hasn't been back at all since the ban, and anyone who says they are him are not.


If you want to talk to me, again I'm only rarely on E.L forums. Beside that I'm gone.



For all those that sullied an innocent mans name, shame on you for not being more critical. One day it will be you. On that day, all is forgiven.


Rest well,






For proof it's me: Both my channels, from Live video, to Youtube, have had all their vids removed. I did that to sever any last remnants I may have had with P.S. I do not and will not promote a game I do not believe in.




If that's not enough, message me on youtube and I'll reply back.


  • CmdrVimesCmdrVimes Member UncommonPosts: 19

    Do you know was considering giving this game a go until I read this and other Planeshift threads.  What a nasty, petty, poisonous little community.  I wont even comment on the admin/devs or whatever they call themselves.

    The game fails before its even got out of the starting gate because of this.



  • GODhackGODhack Member Posts: 14

    Do not believe in random FUD!

    I asked for help to find city for quest and first player I saw agreed and we runned together for ~10 minutes to my place.

    Then I started other quest and got big other player help with almost same ease.

    I do not played much but from what I sow already it is very nice community. even better than in other games.

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