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Friday with Means - Sept 11, 2009

burmeseburmese Member Posts: 546

For those who were unable to attend DragonCon this year, we hosted a Q&A session in the Sheraton. ShadowGod was nice enough to film it for us (in 5 parts).

I'm certain that these videos will draw even more questions...put them here and I will try and answer them.

This week:

We are hoping to get the next version out to Test and possibly to Live in the very near future. Work continued on the new Dark Ruins instance, Final polishing on the nightclub, balancing work and beginnning implementation of a new "EXPLOSIVE" end game raid instance to also be released within the next month. This is going to be a very very busy month.l

Below is more of the Opifex Female heads and the VERY FIRST new solitus female head redo.

Questions questions!!! Its good to be back!

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This "Means" Jetlag

Game Director




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