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[A] [Shadowsong EU] -Deviants- Looking for casual players for 5 man content, questing etc.

DstiveDstive Member Posts: 42

We are a newly formed very casual and laid back PVE guild on Shadowsong Europe looking for new members. If you are looking to Raid we are NOT the guild for you.

As I said above we are a casual guild, we are small atm but growing. Many of us have lots of RL commitments, Work, school, girlfriends/boyfriends, family etc etc but still like to play WoW when we can and progress at our own speed and do whatever we find fun in game.

We are looking for like minded people who don't have all the time in the world but still want to be part of a social friendly guild.

There are no requirements or online application forms to fill in and all levels are accepted. 

For invite just send a /w in game to Skelter or Gonzo or reply to this post.

Cheers :-)


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