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why is asian pc-game developer make prettier character?



  • fugue14fugue14 Member Posts: 59


  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,904

    I don't agree at all,there has basically only been two types of models ,cartoony and the normal sort of blah models.

    There is not one MMORPG that utilizes a lot of high definition in the player models they are all pretty much the same.

    I find Asians tend to use a more GOTH look where as NA designers tend to make things more realistic to what the character is suppose to look like.You can't just throw that GOTH look,silky stranded clothing on EVERYTHING and say it fits,because it does not.Well not unless you are trying to portray or role play the EXACT same type of player in every game,witch i would hope not.

    The obvious is,how cute could you possibly make a troll,and still make it actually look realistically like a troll.How cutesy could you make an ORC or a Dwarf ?it is basically the human models that have the cutesy look and in most games,that is the norm,they all sort of look the same,aside from the clothing.It has already been pointed out on this site,many developers are trying to use sexy cloths to sell their product,that shows they have no confidence in their product.

    I find Asian games way over do the silky strandy[goth] clothing,you have to set a storyline in a game and have the characters look their part,if every single character in all Asian games look the same,that really loses credibility in their games.I think this also shows in how often they use the EXACT same player sounds,combat sounds,they always seem to sound the same.

    What this actually shows is Asian games have VERY little creativity,they have been going with the eXACT same look it seems forever,never willing to change.And then we get forums calling each others games "CLONES"well heck ya it seems there is VERY little creativity anywhere out there,this is why i have branded FFXI,as the top of the heap.That is the ONLY game that did it different,they forced grouping and their entire game did everything a little different than everyone else.Heck look at their player models aside from humans and Elves witch is a standard in every game,Galkans/Mithra/Tarutaru all unique.There was not one aspect of FFXI that did not have significant differences from all other games.

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  • wjrasmussenwjrasmussen Member Posts: 1,493
    Originally posted by LtJohnnyRico

    They don't. They make a pedophile fantasy.


    Sadly you might be correct.

  • VespersVespers Member Posts: 246

    There is a reason that the majority of Western players refer to Asian styled games as "Asian Grinders".

    First, most of the Asian game companies seem to just use cookie-cutter character graphic templates. Yes, looking at one Asian character design may seem pretty but when you are in a game with thousands of the exact same character design, it is not considered pretty anymore but is more considered boring and repetitious. Gives the impression of the game designers as either being lazy or that they have no type of immagination to design something different.

    Second, Asian MMOs generally seem to be lacking in the areas of game content and storyline. Thus the "Grinder" label is placed on the Asian MMO because mostly all that is involved in gameplay is repeating the same limited content over and over and over and over.

    Basically it all boils down to preference. Asian players enjoy the smooth and shiney characters, and the grindy, limited game content, whereas the Western MMO players like the more realistic, rough looking characters and the linear, Lore enriched game content.

    So, to answer the OP's initial question, Asian character models arent prettier, they are just designed to be more pleasing the asian players instead of western players.

  • SoulSurferSoulSurfer Member UncommonPosts: 1,024
    Originally posted by grandpagamer

    My thought is its because asian women keep their youthtful appearance longer than western women. That and the fact that asian women arnt threatened by hot looking pixels or perhaps that the asian game devs dont care if they feel threatened or not.



    I'm half Asian.  My mom is Filipino, and my dad is white (Italian)

    My mom is 55 and I can definently tell you that she has aged very gracefully.

    I'm almost 30 but I look like a teenager - and for the first time in my life I am at the moment growing out an Asian Style Mullet razor shag.  It is a pretty badass haircut. (I always had really short hair, like zero fades and such)...  I walked into this ethnic Korean Salon and asked for the haircut and the chics in that place were kinda like wtf is this mexican dude trying to be asian lol....  because I went swimming almost everyday this summer and is hella dark.  If this makes me androgynous, fine, what I have noticed is that having this style of haircut gives me some kinda wierd power, probalby those who are intimidated by it because they are homophobic.  btw I live in Denver, Colorado. lol but grew up half my life in Asia.

    Also, during nights this summer I worked at a nightclub as a doorman checking ID's, and you wouldn't believe how many times women (some of which were younger than me) but mostly older ones say crap like: " zomg you are like 16 years old!", "zomg, are you even old enough to be in here?", "ZOMG I could be your great grandmother." etc.. you get the picture, and it was so annoying as hell. (but deep down I was loving it)  and after I checked the birthdates of the younger chics I'd give them a really condescending laugh and tell them I'm older than them. hehe

    I have always loved the magna style.  I accidently saw my first porn magna when I was like 5. LOL 

    I favor the Asian art style, but I have to say, I really did like WAR's art style as well.  The swordmaster had a lot of Asian/Mediterranean warrior type flair.  I don't mind if East Meets west in future mmo's to balance everything out.

    Hapa style baby!  =)   (if you don't know what hapa means, you should google it and educate yourself)



  • UpskirtPowerUpskirtPower Member Posts: 230

    why is oblivion non-mod look ugly? and not fan modded?

    why is borderlands look pretty? and its a western.


    overall 97% western dev  especially pc excluive make ugly character. 100% eastern dev make pretty character.


    most of the uglies is pc exclusive.

  • SoulSurferSoulSurfer Member UncommonPosts: 1,024

    yeah, I messed around with Oblivion a lil bit, and I could never get over how ungly the women were.  XD

  • UpskirtPowerUpskirtPower Member Posts: 230
    Originally posted by SoulSurfer

    yeah, I messed around with Oblivion a lil bit, and I could never get over how ungly the women were.  XD


    western pc games  need people like you to do the character.




    im guessing why oblivion character is ugly cause its native pc. oblivion is elder scrolls. elder scrolls is born in pc. i dont hate western art... in fact i love western art like marvel, dc, art gallery mueseim, mermaid, fantasy art seen in museum, ben 10, darkchylde, cyberforce, barbariam art ect..... but not western art like in pc game like obvlion.

  • NizurNizur Member CommonPosts: 1,417

    They certainly do make them "prettier"...



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  • midmagicmidmagic Member Posts: 614
    Originally posted by UpskirtPower

    why is asian developer make much prettier character in pc games opose to western developer?
    if you look at Aion female then look at Hellgate, you will notice hellgate's look short and fat.
    if you look at Zera female then look at Oblivion(non-mod), you will notice ugliness Oblivion women look
    if you look at Dark Elf Female in Lineage2 then look at Dark Elf Female in EverQuest2, you will notice eq2's is ugly
    if you look at female in Requiem then look at female in Half-Life 2 you will notice Half-Life 2's is ugly
    if you look at Lineage 2 female then look at GuildWars1's you will notice the body look unrealistic opose to l2's.
    now judging facial.... you will notice western is stiff, robotic and goofy looking. look at LOTRO/Vanguard/Oblivion/TwoWorlds//Gothic3/Witcher/Half-Life2 for instant then look at Aion/Lineage2/Zera/Rappelz/MabinogiHeroes/BladeAndSoul.

    and why is western art outside of pc game is awesome? look at Marvel, Deathmate, WildCats, Glory, DarkChylde, HeavyMetal, PrinceOfPersiaNextGen, GoldenAxeBeastRider ect...
    why is western art in pc games is not pretty?

    Hellgate... meh. That was Hellgate. Things are suppose to be "ugly" and dirty in this game.

    Oblivion. This game just looked ugly for the most part. Its like they got the graduate art student with no art talent to the art for this game.

    Everquest 2. An example of an ugly game engine. Nearly everything is ugly in this game using the old models. They look like everything was made by a math major instead of an artist to save "time". That isn't to say some things aren't pretty but it lacks the clean and bright looks of asian style asian.

    Anyways, the issue is one of culture. People do not demand the same sense of cleaniness and beauty that is demanded by a western audience. There are many PC games that have good looking females but you'll find almost none that have the clean look that asian games have. This goes for the male characters as well. It is primarily a style issue and demands of the audience. Movies have very similar stylistic differences as well when it comes to character appearances.


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  • LtJohnnyRicoLtJohnnyRico Member Posts: 214

    Age of Conan


    KAL Online


    Guild Wars






    If given a choice to make any of these chicks real...I'd definitely take the AOC, LOTRO or Aion chick. Most Asian MMOs (like KAL) make females look like pubescent teenagers.

  • UpskirtPowerUpskirtPower Member Posts: 230

    @ rico

    comparring corvette to hyundai?

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member RarePosts: 4,181

    Most picture comparing here are not "fair" why don't you take a picture of runescape female and aion female then?

    You took good looking female in west and barely cared on the east ones I'm pretty sure there are better females then the one on kal.

  • TisiphoneTisiphone Member Posts: 486

    Originally posted by Ilvaldyr
    They don't. They just make ones that look much, much younger.


    HG:L characters actually look like real adult females.


  • Shoko_LiedShoko_Lied Member UncommonPosts: 2,192
    Originally posted by LtJohnnyRico

    Age of Conan


    Why are her nipples sticking through her shirt?


  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member RarePosts: 4,181

    Because age of conan gone too far there are chest equipments for female that leaves their breasts out in other words you can see their tits.

  • NicooNicoo Member UncommonPosts: 236

    Cant even beleive there is so much discussion here. It just shows your all small pedobears.


  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member RarePosts: 4,181

    Did you even read any of the posts here? The op wanted to know why asian developers make prettier characters.

  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362
    Originally posted by bloodaxes

    Most picture comparing here are not "fair" why don't you take a picture of runescape female and aion female then?
    You took good looking female in west and barely cared on the east ones I'm pretty sure there are better females then the one on kal.


    I suspect the previous poster was just taking screen-shots from the games he had installed - I doubt he was deliberately trying to be unfair. If you have something different to show us, then go ahead.

  • AntipathyAntipathy Member UncommonPosts: 1,362
    Originally posted by Nicoo

    Cant even beleive there is so much discussion here. It just shows your all small pedobears.


    OMG - male readers are interested in pictures of women. Civilization is doomed.


    Ofc - if everyone had posted "we prefer the asian style coz we really like seeing young girls", then you may have had a point. But many people have posted the exact opposite.

  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Member RarePosts: 5,484

    Don't ask me man I'm a chubby chaser. Just sayin'

    "We have met the enemy and he is us." ~Pogo Possum. 

  • jimmbobjimmbob Member Posts: 2

    It doesn't matter how the female characters look. I prefer a good gameplay instead of stare at the breasts  from the female chars. 

  • arctarusarctarus Member UncommonPosts: 2,581
    Originally posted by jimmbob

    It doesn't matter how the female characters look. I prefer a good gameplay instead of stare at the breasts  from the female chars. 


    You can have both ^^  ...



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  • LordDmasterLordDmaster Member UncommonPosts: 130
    Originally posted by a_name

    Pretty must be in the eye of the beholder. I think the stubby dwarves can be pretty in some games. Their big boobs match their big hips.
    Lots of asian games look like children to me. No wrinkles, no scars, teenage body with a rack of someone with implants and the proportions of leg are way too long - the women are quite comic book in proportion. The asian ones seem to have tiny mouths, no hips but big on top which doesn't happen normally. When I look at games like aion I think geisha.  Some of the worst are the anime like big eyes - simply can't relate at all to those.
    When my brother was in Japan he was sending pics all the time of wacky stuff - they are into bright colors and even sell panties in vending machines - it's no surprise that their women in games are unrealistic - and what you might call pretty if 14 yr olds are your style. Agree with someone else mentioning the androgenous look of the males in those games too - pretty boys that may be girls. That's ok but it's just not the style of lots of north american men - they are rougher and more cowboy like in their activities - they would be more likely to ride a horse than sew a pretty saddle and dye its mane.
    Look, believing that someone fights in a flowing white dress and perfect makeup and has no scars or bumps/bruises is just ridiculous - asian mmos just try to emphasize the fantasy in this way to me. When I play a game like lotro with muted colors and fat characters its more realism than those offer - asian mmos are TRUE high fantasy in their color and glow.
    It's about the style you like, while I find some asian mmos pretty - they still look like children or teenagers in lots of ways and I don't want to play a character that looks 14 but I'm supposed to believe that they are the "world's hope" and that they are grand adventurers with enough wisdom to combat the baddie.


    Thank you.

    After spending 1 year in a Asian ***************************************************************. **********************************************************************************************************. Sorry I shouldn't say that.

    Let me say that I like western game and art work not Asian games

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  • BinkoBinko Member Posts: 267

    Well it's easy. Asian chicks are hot! Thats why! ^^

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