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Spit Bubbles and questing for the Ever.

RyldRyld Member Posts: 99

Spit bubbles and questing for the Ever.

I feel I'm becoming a moron.  It has happened rather rapidily too.
I have never played Everquest and was trying to figure out
if this new release was for a new player like myself.

I keep reading all the little quips and blips about the game but am becoming
more and more confused.  Today I found myself head tilted, quivering and
spit bubbles foaming from my mouth after reading yet another review.
Is all this hype of the new game just a bait an switch, my mind is whirling,
Please tell me Obi Wan is this the last hype.....damn wrong game, no wait thats a movie,
I'm losing it Luke...aahhhrgh!

just a little excrement on the starship of life


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