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What do you guys think?

myrikalosmyrikalos Member Posts: 32

This is pretty much the most repetitive mmo I have played so far, but something about it is addictive. I think it is mainly because I like the graphics and the way the word/monsters look. I like the storyline and that there's a lot of quests to do...it fits my requirements for a 2-d game but I think it seems to fit in with the other games like this, it needs a little something to stand out.

- Dana


  • bigdaddysfebigdaddysfe Member Posts: 89

    I like that there is an actualy storyline behind the game, although it moves a bit slow due to waiting on the patches. The quest exp is good compared to other games of this type like Maple Story, but sooner or later you will have to end up grinding for hours at a time to make progress. Just the nature of these types of games. Both OGP and Aeria have taken steps to make leveling faster, however the most gain will only come if you spend tons of real money on exp gaining items. For some people pvp, digging, and boss/set piece/urn hunting break up the grind but it would be nice if there was more. 

  • myrikalosmyrikalos Member Posts: 32

    I agree about the XP, it seems fairly fast to level but I'm only around 19 right now. The story seems cute too, but yeah, it does seem like it needs "more". The community has been pretty friendly.

    - Dana

  • wildhunter16wildhunter16 Member Posts: 1

    Things have changed alot and the game isnt like it used to be and speacialy the last patch that was released the Coliseum which is whole another story and more fun, you should check it out

  • kamotehquekamotehque Member Posts: 19

    Every community in every game is going to have their "bad seeds", sort of speak. However the creators of La Tale have done everything they can to prevent these bad seeds from ruining the game for the rest of us. First of all, you can only see YOUR drops and no one elses. That means that no one else can see or steal your drops. Next,If someone tries to ks you, they only get part of the exp, based off how much damage they do to the monster. Item drops are based off of whoever gets the most damage to the monster, and if you are in a party you can alter how the item drops are distributed. For the most part these features should keep the environment drama/stress free. If you have a question you can usually find more than just one helpful person at a time, often-times finding an entire group parked near you trying to solve your dilemma.

  • AnimeiAnimei Member Posts: 13

    It's like a bunch of people got together to play Maple Story, made a list of everything that was wrong it, and actually DID something about it. Fighting isn't boring. In fact, it feels more involved than a lot of stuff I've played. You have a weak attack and strong attack that differ depending on the weapon you use. You have a different attack if you dash towards the enemy (yeah. You can run. Another plus) and the one special attack I've gotten so far seems pretty neat. Enemies will run around and lunge at you, meaning you'll actually have to turn around occasionally if they jump behind you. Also, unlike Maple Story, if the enemy isn't agressive, it won't hurt you if you just walk past it. Makes traveling through maps a lot easier when you don't have to jump over everything.

  • AmaneaMisaAmaneaMisa Member Posts: 9

    The grind is just about the level I want it to be for me to have fun with this game. You go around, do quests, slowly progress through the story, as you level up your character and raise up your skill/spell tree. You can even raise more than one skill/spell tree at a time. The party system is also done really well, however I am disappointed that you can only make four-member teams. There's also a guild/friend system and a lot of people play, making interaction a key element. Something really cool about this game that I think everyone should know, is that La Tale provides a real side-scrolling experience, meaning not only do you walk a long road towards one locations, kill, level, repeat, but you actually have to dodge obstacles on the way, climb ropes/ladders, swing across ropes, and go up spirals. It adds to the fun, and is something that most side-scrolling mmorpgs lack. The only other downside I can think of is that not all of the promised features(like enchanting, pets, etc) are in the game yet, but they were promised to be released in the near time future.

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