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this game could be so much more but the management is just horrible

First issue I would like to address is the so called free to play title this game has.Yes the game is free to play if youre a non competetive drone content to just waste a lot of time collecting and selling items in the hopes of getting rich in game<~~~you wont get rich in game if youre not a GM alt or you have spent hundreds to thousands of real life money on game,or you have used hacks<~~I'll get to hacks later.The more money you spend on this game=the more advantage you gain=the more the management will like you and kiss your butt (One player for instance,ign Jube,XThorX,and many other igns spent so much real money on this game that the GMs gave him a prototype stun negating item long before it was to be added to the game.The item is called the Talisman Pearl,when equipped,the player was 99.999% immune to stuns,and this was long before all current patches and thus this item made him invincible)This is due to a so called weapon and armor refining system that is so expensive to utilize that people have spent literally 50 usd on a single lvl 78-80 refined piece,and refined class armor is even more expensive<~~a full set of refined class armor will cost several thousand dollars usd.If you want to be competetive in this game,be prepared to spend "at least" several thousand dollars.GMs get about 2k game gold per month as an income supplement.

Second issue extremely bad GMs and ignorant devs.80 seems to be the quitting point for most players because they are sick and tired of spending their hard earned money on a game who's management is so incompetent and arrogant in the same.They (the GMs)will actually curse at players and threaten to ban them sometimes if the player is persistent in asking for help with lost items or reporting bugs.Many players have been banned or muted for little or no reason at all.GM alts will use their modified game clients to farm super (divine)gears as many as 5 to 8 per day.while regular players will spend thousands of hours just trying to get 1 divine item.The game has a very expensive money system that utilizes mall gold 550 gold=50$ usd.Players who purchase mall gold use this currency to sell to other players for game coin,mall items,or for trading.If a player chooses to sell this gold for game coin to other players from their shops,GMs are actually allowed to use thier modded clients to generate game coin to purchase all of your gold,thus taking gold out of the game and thus making other players buy more gold with real money.BTW some GMs have even confiscated banned player accounts for their personal use<~~~a gross violation of their own TOS.

Third issue,the game is extremely unbalanced in the classes because it is designed to be a team played game based on school battles and teamwork on lvling.The problem is that the management is so poor in the game that many ppl have just outright quit.Like Stripe7 was saying the broadsword class rules in this game and is nearly impossible to defeat due to the fact that it gets 2 invisibility skills as well as a chain stun with a few second cool down on one stun and no cool down on the other stun.One stun consumes aggression but the problem is that the aggro refills so fast by itself and the BS class also has an aggro buff that refills it at twice the rate.Sure there is a pill in the item mall for 5 dollars that gets you out of stun now but the problem is that when you use it you can immediately be stunned again.

Fourth issue I have with the game is the fact a lvl 120 player(atm the highest lvl player is 106 and the lvl cap increase has been out for several months from lvl 99,this should tell you all how horrible the exp in this game is) can just go around griefing whatever lowbie they want to,with absolutely no consequences at all.Before they had a shady,grey area of a 3 to 5 kill griefing rule and players who broke this rule were warned by the GMs and management,yes some were banned for it without warning.Now with the school enemy system,it gives players a green light to pk any low lvl they wish to all they want.No this isnt me being a care bear,you try playing this game and getting killed by a lvl 99 broadsword 20 times a day and see if you still want to go lvl in it with no help at all.BTW when you get pkd you lose millions of experience unless you buy mall items.Theres even a shelter charm for a few dollars a piece wich when activated makes you immune from getting pkd for an hour or 2<~~fun no?

Fifth issue is that the game is easily hacked by some who know the ways around it.Some players have used hacks to mod their stats,gears,coin,reputation,duplication hacks,speed hacks,pk hacks that allow a player to kill som1 in the safe zone(normally a player can be pkd in the safe zones while flagged),pk hacks that avoid the flagging of the player who attacks,and many many many more.The GMs and devs are so busy concocting new ways to make ppl spend real money they do very little about this.The problem is all they care about is how to squeeze more and more money from ppl who get trapped by this game<~~sad.

This game would seem very good at first,but once players learn the truth about it,they end up leaving.Some have stayed in hopes that it will improve,but after 2 years 99% of the ppl who once loved this game and supported it financially have left.BTW I fear to leave my ign out of my possibly getting banned for saying all of this,although I suppose it really wouldnt matter now that i no longer play the game actively.

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