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GameGuard error 110

deathnerdeathner Member Posts: 36

i been playing Aion from Sunday suddenly Today they decide to shut down Servers to Fix them after the one hr wait i tried to log in and i get this msg "Game Guard Error 110", i tried to fix it with repair put down my firewall see if that work'd but i still get the same thing don't know what else to do i could really use some hlp anyone with edvice?


  • linrenlinren Member Posts: 578

    Try repatch GG and  launcher, there are several ways to do this already posted on Aionsource and somewhere in this forum.

    It doesn't take long.

    However, make sure you're running yoru system as administrator and also make sure your Aion version is currently correct which is still I believe.

    Edit:  If you are willing do a CLEAN reinstall.  Uninstall Aion, then remove all folders related to Aion and GG that remains, then reinstall Aion, and repatch to current version.  Some people find this solve their problem, but not many.

  • monarc333monarc333 Member UncommonPosts: 622

    Error 110 - This is indicating that NProtect has already been loaded once and is still resident in memory.

    That means you need to reboot. Give it a try.

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