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Have you heard of Caden Investigations?

jiveturkey12jiveturkey12 Member CommonPosts: 1,262

 "When your someone in need, you need us!"

Caden Investigations is a Cabal located in the heart of New York. With our highly experienced team of researchers and fighters, we will work round the clock for your needs! We have a non-bias policy and we will take your case no matter what!

     ~This does not apply if you are an Enemy or Former Employee "turned Rogue" of C.I.~

We have all the tools, and all the books to get the job done for you!

     ~Some books have become worn and degraded over the centuries, not all disenchantment spells,       and Exorcisms may work as planned~


But how do you know if your really in need? Maybe the secrets of the underworld have you confused? Well heres some good signs to look for.


-While out hunting you come across either a giant furry man, or a ravenous over sized lizard, or flying Bi-pedal with hooves.

-Neighbor is constantly "gardening" in his backyard with a shovel, candles, and ritualistic sacrifice.

-Your Spouse is staying in all day, and "Working" all night. Asks for a large amount of toothpaste, or a "Bloody Mary" at dinner. Or if he/she throws out all of your turtleneck sweaters.

-The new shipment of African Dolls you collected seem to be missing constantly or found near kitchen knives or power tools.

If you've got something similar to one of these problems, then contact us immediately.




Or visit us on the Public Social groups page under:

Caden Agency

Also just something I have been sharing with the new Member's. Here's a look at our Weekly Business Letter, where we will discuss what our team is currently working on, or shown interest in. Along with day to day updates on the side.

The Weekly Letter

-Caden, Founder of C.I.

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