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Suckish service

AbaddonXAbaddonX Member UncommonPosts: 1

Right, so I bought 2000 geldors the other day via Boku, and waited patiently to get them for about an hour (when the message Boku sent me said it would take only a few minutes...). Then I started to get impatient so I tried 'requesting support' through the in-game help thing. I waited for about 30 minutes then logged out, since I gave them my e-mail address and I figured they could just contact me through that or the in-game mail.

They didn't. So around 12 hours later I tried again, since I still didn't have my geldors. Again no reply, and now it's been almost 2 days since I bought the geldors, with no word from anyone and, of course, still no geldors.

Now I understand that they're just people and I can't expect an instantaneous reply fixing my problem. But 2 days with no word for a paying customer with a problem? That, my friends, is terrible service, and I've definitely changed my mind about buying a subscription for this game...



  • highbornhighborn Disciple StaffMember Posts: 64

     Hi Abbadon,


    I don't think we received your support ticket, but feel free to email me here and I am sure we can help you: support at resistorproductions dot com

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