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Preview Opinion from DragonCon

bigorggbigorgg Member Posts: 9

Ive been following this game for some time and I was fortunate enough to visit the studios in Atlanta and playtest this game a few months ago.

Last night I was able to see the game again at DragonCon for the LAN event and I must say that the game has come leaps and bounds from when I played a while back. The gameplay is the same but seems much more balanced and refined. The biggest improvement were the character models. I cant get over how incredible the game looks and feels.

We were able to do some pvp matches 20/20 and select one of the four playable classes. They all had ready made gear and skills preset for us. I had played the assault class before so I wanted to try something different and decided to go with medic.

Traditionally I like playing a healer and I used to run one in PvP on wow so I wanted to see how healing in GA felt like. OMG! so much fun! The gameplay is truely addicting and the objectives on the map really seem  fun. We had a mission where one team was defending and the other was attacking. I can really see how much teamwork and working together is going to be needed because breaking through some of the defenses is going to take some cooperation.

Everyone who played the game that I talked to simply loved it and we are were all trying to talk the devs into telling us when this game will be released. While they wouldnt let us know that for certain it seems to me that they hinted either q4 or early q1, but to be honest the overall sense that I got was that they were not going to release it until it was 100% done. One of the Hi Rez guys even made the statement that they hate it when companies make you pay for beta.

 I havent really gotten to see where the PvE is at for this game yet but I can tell you that PvP is amazing and I cant wait to see this in action.

For those of you looking for a solid and fun pvp game this is the one youve been waiting for. I cannot be more pumped for a game and I am not one to be generally giddy about a game because Ive been let down way too many times....champions.....AoC.....War.......the list goes on and on but I promise you GA is going to be your next gaming love affair!


Good Work by the guys at Hi Rez they have a true gem in the works.



  • zazzzazz Member UncommonPosts: 408

    Is this a opinion or a press release?


  • bigorggbigorgg Member Posts: 9

    opinion....I was just a guy who got to play the game.

  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161

    nice post, bigorgg. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'd have loved to go to Dragon*Con! The game has come along nicely, but there is still more to be done. :]

  • bigorggbigorgg Member Posts: 9

    Im really curious to see what the PvE is going to look like, and will there be a raid system attached to it.


    This game looks rock solid and the guys developing it really seem to know their stuff.

  • tboxtbox Member Posts: 372

     Zultan a guy who some how got into alpha and now this poster who went to their studios.  Lol.  Sorry but there seems to be a lot of bias. I mean who is going to get invited to their studio or play an alpha which are typicall friends and family of devs and then say negiative stuff on a public forum.  

  • xaldraxiusxaldraxius Member Posts: 1,249

    Originally posted by tbox
     Zultan a guy who some how got into alpha and now this poster who went to their studios.  Lol.  Sorry but there seems to be a lot of bias. I mean who is going to get invited to their studio or play an alpha which are typicall friends and family of devs and then say negiative stuff on a public forum.  

    That's why it's called an 'opinion' and not a review.

    The game looks pretty good, but I worry that it'll end up being another Crime Craft.

  • bigorggbigorgg Member Posts: 9


    Ok a few things...

    First I am not related or friends with anyone that works at Hi Rez.

    Second, there is no way this game flops like I suspect that CrimeCraft will. The game is far too much fun to play.

    Third I am generaly very pessimistic about any new games because it seems that so many games these days arent polished or even completed by the time it makes it to release.

    Finally, the main point I wanted to make was that the game that I played at their studios (which is open to to the public on certain days if you sign up on their website) has greatly improved.

    Im really looking forward to seeing how much further this game develops between now and release.


  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161

    The Studio is in Georgia and I live in California, and I didn't know anyone prior. I just signed up for alpha and got in. =/


    The guys at HiRez are just really nice people. You could setup something to visit their studio I'm sure. They've been having people come in and play the game for forever. Global Agenda is being funded by the creator, so they're doing things the way they want, and not how they are told by some investor. :]

  • vladakovvladakov Member Posts: 710

     global agenda also has my attention...


  • bigorggbigorgg Member Posts: 9

    I talked to some other people that played the game at DragonCon and everyone had pretty much the same consensus that I had.

    I really think this game could be a pretty solid entry into the market. There is a real lack of sci fi type games in the MMO market and this one could fill a much needed void.


  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161

    I think the issue for skeptics is there is so much positive feedback from Global Agenda, it's hard to believe. :P

  • MrBonesMrBones Member Posts: 7

     Good to see some more positive feedback. Personally can't wait for the game/beta invite!!

  • spLaggerspLagger Member UncommonPosts: 130

    Iono, hearing tons of positive feedback is much better than a lot of negative feedback. I mean there are tons of mixed reviews on Huxley and some are pretty negative, but glad this one is getting good reviews. Looking forward to this game.


    Does anyone know if it's got a persistent world? I mean I read the articles and it sounded like it's mostly instances from a node. Wasn't exactly sure what they meant. Do they mean the world is persistent and then you enter instances for PVE or PVP? Also something about player controlled territories. That got my interests too. Just wish the guns weren't so raver light show like a lot of arcade shooters.

  • MrBonesMrBones Member Posts: 7

     It is a persistent world, however all the PvP combat is instanced (not totally sure about PvE combat as well). Basically you won't have the zerging and ganking of world PvP to deal with.

  • spLaggerspLagger Member UncommonPosts: 130

    sounds alright. Kinda wish there was some ganking though. Kinda helps out with fear factor of the game. MMOs kinda need a balance of the griefers, achievers and socializers.

  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161

    I don't understand the appeal of ganking. Isn't it when a higher level player slaughters a player so much lower level they don't stand a chance?


    Global Agenda is player skill based anyway. Instead of completely relying on your dps or how good your sword is.

  • spLaggerspLagger Member UncommonPosts: 130

    yea that's pretty much ganking, but usually ganking only occurs in areas that are known to be dangerous. Having the feeling of exploring around areas that you shouldn't be adds to a bit of excitement.  Like when I was playing Space Cowboys (Ace Online) I kinda got in the mood to just start exploring and I got into some areas that were where higher level guys hang out. Of course I didn't know how far I had gone since I was still kind of a noob, but then I saw this wicket jet in the distance and it noticed me and it started coming at me and well yea on my screen it showed the guy as hostile, so I decided to high tail it out of there as it chased me shooting machine guns and homing missiles, lol.  And there are other instances like that in WoW or 9Dragons or Heroes Online, and any MMO that allows un-prohibited PVP.

    It's just a different feeling when you know it's a player after you.

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