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Champions of the Force Madden 10 Franchise

tawlyntawlyn Member UncommonPosts: 15

Hello, I'm apart of a pre-launch Star Wars: The Old Republic guild named 'Champions of the Force', a Republic guild focused on PVP and Raiding while promoting Role Playing and guild interaction. We are recruiting all Republic players regardless of Light or Dark side. CotF is NOT a Jedi only guild and Roleplaying is not required.

One of the games we're playing while waiting for TOR is Madden 10.  We have created an online franchise and are looking for other players.  The franchise is open to all, even if you're not a part of the guild but we would prefer people who plan on playing TOR so we can meet and greet a bit.  The franchise name is COTF (caps-sensitive when you search) and there is no password.  After you join feel free to post on our forums as a guest so we can say hello.  The franchise will start when we have more than 20 players but if we see a good coming out we might fill up all the spots.  So thanks again and see you in-game whether Madden or SWTOR.


  • ArndurArndur Member Posts: 2,202

    Have signed up gamertag is S00N3R FR3AK.

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