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Is this a sandbox MMO


  I humbly admit that I am currently jobless and dirt poor. I am looking for a free to play MMO. I have seen taht htis game has gone free. I have been playing Runes of Magic, which is fun but I grew up with Ultima Online and the only MMO I have enjoyed since UO was FFXI because they were both different. I am not a fan of WoW because for what they offer in my opinion I can get for free from Runes of Magic or half a dozen other games. I use to play Ryzom back when it was free to play. I loved the game because the game play system reminded me of a 3D UO so to speak. I loved every aspect of the game but now it is back to being pay to play and as I said I am poor due to being jobless. Once I start working I may see if the wife will let me play Ryzom but until then I am looking for a good free to play MMO. Someone on a different forum said this was a sandbox MMO. If this is true  I may have found what I am looking for. I would love to find a free to play sandbox MMO. Is this it? 

  To be hones tI haven't been able to keep up with any MMOs for a while due to health problems, operations, and such so I know nothing about this game. Can someone give me a quick summary of what the game is like? I Hope someone lets me know :) Please help me out guys :P


God Bless,



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