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Lfg a MMO

QuaxzQuaxz Member Posts: 4


For the past year, I've tried lots of mmo but I couldn't find one that suited me. These are the one I tried so far :

Aoc : Nice graphics, but it was too demanding for one of my computer

War : I always loved the graphic, but the stun and knockbacks were really bad.

WoW : I like many things of this game. But found the Content a bit too easy and was redundant after playing it 3 years.

Eve : I never really got into this game, I don't feel like I'm totally controlling my ship.

Eq2 : This is the one I am playing right now. I like MANY things of it, but I get lost trying to find some zone and I'm more of a group player and in the early levels, it's pretty hard to find some group to do instances and such.


So, as I said, I'm mostly a group player. I like to group and do instances and Pve with people. I also really like PvP if it's well made in a game, so either  a PvP centric or PvE centric game is fine. I would like if there is an active community at almost every level, meaning that you can find group easily. I would also like a game where there is a good amount of high level contains, and I don't really like leveling (I think it's the worst part of a mmo), so I wouldn't like korean grinding style. As I said, I also like PvP so a PvP oriented game is fine with me.

There's no real restriction in what kind of mmo, it can be a FPS or RPG.

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