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Call of Duty: WaW AC to WotLK AC

Hey there.

I'm interested in trading an authentic Call of Duty: World at War activation code for the PC in exchange for a Wrath of the Lich King activation code or even an empty account that nobody uses that includes the expansion if anyone's interested. I was given CoD5 as a present from one of my friends, but I find little use in using the game since I already have it for my Xbox 360 and I've grown tired of it to begin with. Plus, I'm interested in trying out WoW again after a long break. I can return the game but be given a $30 dollar refund, and the expansion costs $40 (which I find a little ridiculous that it costs twice as much as the actual game, but whatever). I figured that buying Call of Duty: World at War regularly costs $60, so I could do an online trade with someone who's interested in the game and wants to save some money. This way we'd both get a profit out of it.

I'd prefer if you e-mail at over PMing if you are interested, as it's an easier process I think.

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