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doomteam1doomteam1 Member Posts: 1

Its a simple but fun game.. its highly based on simple stuff like Boss Battles, PVP.. Guilds.. and the community. You got 4 totally different classes to choose from.. the game is decently balanced.. there is hundreds of different items.. many different Camps, one City.. alot of different forest areas and some dungeons. And like a boss for every 5th level. (kinda)
The game is still in development, and this is kinda an early beta.. but trust me.. its playable and can be enjoyed!

Check it out at http://www.orpgcreation.com!
The server is pretty much up 24/7 and there are almost allways somebody playing.

Some recent new screenshots..





And some recent news.

[quote="ZoSo"]Some information about the upcoming content in Silverdale.. What i am currently doing is mapping the new City. The new city will be located east of Everfall Woods, through Crystalwood Forest.. (This is the last forest, i promise xD)


After that i plan on adding lots of new dungeons, and new areas.. I will also raise the level cap to 30. Level 30 will be the current max level, untill i make future expansions. But before the further level cap increase there will be atleast 5-6 Big dungeons for level 30, along with ALOT of items.. even more rare items. (Like a totally new color) There will also be more spells and ranks. We've also been thinking of adding sort of a "skill-tree/talent-tree".. We'll basically finnish most game featurers before any more cap raises.

Here are some minor previews of the new city.. keep in mind this is kinda unfinnished.. i might change the overall look of the new city.. that depends if i find new tiles to use.



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