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Game Suggestion?

WavinstriderWavinstrider Member Posts: 24

Could you suggest a MMORPG game for me please? Here is what I am looking for...

1. Pay to play. I am willing to pay to play a great game.

2. Group friendly.  At least 50% of the game should NOT be soloable.  Don't suggest games where you have to be in a guild in order to get a group.  I am looking for a real reason to group up...I want to see LFG! EVERYWHERE.

3. Skill Based.  I prefer Skill Based games, but if the game meets all of my other requirements, I will consider it.

4. Great graphics...don't have to be perfect, but I at least expect a Pay to play game to meet or exceed the graphics of Free to Play games like Guild Wars.

5. Not EVE, I'm sure its a great game, I just don't like being a spaceship.

6. Mainly PVE but I don't mind a little PVP here and there.

7. Sandbox.  Or at least not TOO many instances.


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