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LFG Need Help Please.

MrDeadManMrDeadMan Member Posts: 14


I am looking for a game for me and my wife to play together where we do not have to extremely grind because with our jobs it is not possible to play 24/7. We have played EQ & EQ2, Warhammer, and WoW together. And I have played CoH/CoV, AO, AoC, SWG and Vanguard on my own. We would like to play a game were there are a decent amount of people who play the game (not ghost servers) and who you can group with people for nice PvE combat, but at the same time just the 2 of us can group together and do alot of stuff together. On the forums it seems FFXI would be a good fit but I would still love some other input


Thanks in Advance

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