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A legal farmers ' alliance start to sell cheapest golds now

CheeryZhenCheeryZhen Member Posts: 1

Directgoldsales is a innovative goldfarmers' alliance. Generally speaking,other websites who engage in selling golds purchase golds from our farmers in very cheap prices but then sell them in very high prices, which is unfair to goldfarmers. But now all changed, farmers decide to throw those middlemen away and sell our own golds to players who really need golds in a amazing price-----$6/kgold

We have farmers in every server. They are all good at farming golds and register their real-time stock in directgoldsales.com. If the amonut you want to buy is equal or less than the real time stock, you can receive the golds instantly. If the amount is more than than the stock, farmers will farm golds by 3k/ hour for you

Directgoldsales.com --- have cheapest golds and fastest delivery speed. Do not hestitate, come on to check it out.

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