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Entering key just gives "SLAVE RUNNING WITH..."

greymanngreymann Member Posts: 757

When setting up Fallen Earth I get aaall the way to the product key entry.  After entering the key and hitting continue it just gives me this error message "SLAVE RUNNING WITH --LOG-SLAVE-UPDATES MUST USE, blah blah blah".  Got the key from fileplanet. 

Anyone know what this is and what they're doing about it?  This is the top thread on their official forums and no answers.  What screw ups.


  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    same problem, same download source.


  • frfreddiefrfreddie Member Posts: 2

    Me too.  24 hour download and the key doesn't work!

  • greymanngreymann Member Posts: 757

    Seems to be working today.  I was able to register on their site without getting "invalid key".  Account looks good to go I just haven't been able to try logging into game yet.

  • frfreddiefrfreddie Member Posts: 2

    I too was able to get my key in.  I'm playing now and loving it!

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