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Experience players please

C1rcaC1rca Member Posts: 7

 Ok, so first of all, Gidday everyone, I'm Mat and from Australia, trying to find a game with the option of playing casual. I'm a full time apprentice and don't have much time to play as what I did in school. Heres a bit of a briefing of where I started, where I've been and what I'm after.

I've been playing MMO's now for around 4 - 5 years, on and off. I started out playing runescape, which I absolutely loved. But there was just something missing from it that I felt I needed in order to stay hooked. Back in the day I'd play that game for hours upon hours, back then I had no life. 

Anyway, I've tried numerous games, for example, world of warcraft, guildwars, anarchy online, fiesta, flyff, last chaos, etc etc etc, list goes on. 

None of these games, in my opinion, were any good, I tried WoW for a month, whole time I was bored but trying to find that edge of the game thats made it so popular, but....it was lacking what I wanted.


The aspect of Runescape which I fell in love with, was the skill system they had, crafting, farming, hunting, mining etc, just the diversity of skill and how everyone in the game was apart of the games economy and it wasn't dependant on combat, where you didn't HAVE to kill in order too earn currency, skills were the way to go, if thats the road you chose. That sort of thing, I enjoyed combat, but I liked to go away from that scene and just potter off and farm some crops. You could do what you want, become what you want. 


Basicly what Im asking if anyone actually knows of a game similar to runescape? preferably with a better community? and no, not a game with 2 non combat skills to train. Not a game with anime graphix. Just a great open ended game, where you decide your own fate, where theres a social ladder to climb.

I've kept this shorter than I would have hoped, but hopefully you guys out there have been more succesful than me in finding 'that game'. The perfect game :) and can pass on suggestions to me. 


Much appreciated




  • HyanmenHyanmen Member UncommonPosts: 5,357

    Eh, this might be a hit or miss, but check out Final Fantasy XIV. Comes out in a ~year.

    I wouldn't say it has anime graphics, but maybe your definition is different from mine. To me it looks realistic more than anything.

    The game's not just about fighting. Crafting and gathering resources are classes just like Warriors Healers and Paladins are. You can get to the end of the game just by crafting for example, if you want.

    Using LOL is like saying "my argument sucks but I still want to disagree".
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