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Probably the most hacked game in the history of online games.

YashirotcmYashirotcm Member Posts: 3

Rakion as a concept game is actually good but omg its been an epic hackfest for quite a while now, i could link you to hundreds of sites with hacks for this game and i can guarantee most of them still work or you can just try yourself searching for "Rakion hacks" on google and see im not lying. Softnyx, its developer company does little to nothing about this and they only care about doing pointless events in an attempt to generate money from them and go completely blind-eyed at customer complaints. It was a good game, but now its just pure crap. dont waste your time.

UPDATE: Softnyx has now officially removed all sorts of anyhack prevention systems to the game completely giving up to all hackers so now hackers is the only thing you will see there, MMORPG please... PLEASE REMOVE THIS GAME FROM THE LIST, dont give this piece of crap any publicity it does not deserve, thx.



  • gaara168gaara168 Member UncommonPosts: 47

    id have toa gree this game is outrageously hacked if ur not a hacker or someone extremely good ur gonna die on this game an it should be removed but hey i think mmorpg will only remove it if the game officially dies on its own

  • shhwolf17shhwolf17 Member Posts: 146

    Surprised that Rakion has come back into the forums...did something new recently happen with Rakion?  This game is pretty old so its surprising to see someone complaining about this game since its so old and obviously easy to hack in anyways?

  • Green37Green37 Member Posts: 3

    Isnt this game dead? haha

    but yes its the most hacked game of all time.

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