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Godswar Online: Equipment Upgrade System Journal

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

IGG’s Ethan Pan shared the following details about a new equipment upgrade system being created for GodsWar Online. He encourages all players to offer feedback and help improve the design process.

After we made improvements to the pet system, we figured it would be in our best interests to improve the game's equipment system as well. We understand that our players want their gear to be anything but ordinary, and many are dissatisfied with the star ranking equipment system. The challenge is coming up with a new system that can be both interesting and easy for players to adapt to. It is a tough assignment because our opinions are subjective, and until it is put to the test by our players, we are "sailing in blue water."

Initially, we had some cool ideas. Some staff members favored a direct extension to the current design. The goal there was to strengthen the equipment using special items. For instance, players might design a specific kind of mystic scroll and apply it to a piece of equipment to boost their physical attack power. We even came up with a name for this: the "Mystic Binding System." While the idea is a good one, it is hard to put into practice. Although the process is easy to understand, the system would take too much away from the gameplay and is too involved. Players would first have to learn how to design a scroll, and then learn how to apply it to make maximum use of it. We think we have enough game content without adding a time-intensive, multi-step equipment enhancing process that would detract from game time better spent on other pursuits.

Read the Equipment Upgrade System Journal

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • mtbsickridermtbsickrider Member Posts: 58

    caballeros del zodiaco :D , translated , knights of the zodiac ... thats the suit system right? unless they copied it also :/ ... they are still active in japan.. making a new season atm ... it a cool system btw :D 

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