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Xbox price cut

tvalentinetvalentine Member Posts: 4,216


the 360 elite is bring trimmed down to 300$ and the pro is going down to 250$. Smart move as the PS3 slim is coming out here soon (or is it already out?)


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  • BrenelaelBrenelael Member UncommonPosts: 3,821

    This just shows yet again that Microsoft is very smart when it comes to business. They are not going to let Sony get an advantage on them no matter what they do. This price drop is directly related to the new cheaper PS3 slim. Microsoft will not let Sony undersell them with the new PS3. This will make sure that any advantage Sony may have had by re-releasing the PS3 in a cheaper form is nullified before it can even get a foothold. Very smart move on Microsoft's part.


    We all can just hope that this move starts a pricing war. This would mean cheap consoles on both sides for all to enjoy! Oh well, it's a nice dream anyways.




  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

     Good move by Micro$oft I guess..

    Still think the Slim will outsell it by a small margin the next two Qs


  • talismen351talismen351 Member Posts: 1,124

    Just bought the 360pro last night for $180 last night at Zellers. Wasn't really planning on buying the 360, but at that price I couldn't resist.


  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 Member UncommonPosts: 2,770

    good news... now if only they bundled the 360 with a HDTV 

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