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spicexspicex Member CommonPosts: 14 =the crappiest site i've ever seen!

I've been trying whole day to register to this pathetic crap and guess what ? It says that my username is already in use ( doesn't matter what username i actually put there - it's always in use). When i was trying to register i was being redirected to a Non-existant link every 15-20 seconds which is GREAT.

So anyone has any idea is it even possible to register in it ?


  • neKrowneKrow Member UncommonPosts: 170

    well spicex, I dunno if you ever got in but just to help others if they have the same question.

    I did not have this problem at all. It sounds much more likely that were having browser compatability issues. Try using the latest updated version of Internet Explorer to sign up.

    Also you may very possibly have some virii hanging around with your computer. Make sure you antivirus is updating and all scans are clean. Including Malware and Spyware scans.


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