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One thing I dont Like about Xpacs.

mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

Ok so of all the things that people bitch about there is one thing I don't like about Xpacs. Everything is already done. Now I don't mean that the game is finished i just mean that I bought TBC when it came out I think it was the day it came out. And you travel through the Portal and fly to thrallmar. Now if the portal just opened why is thrallmar already built? Same with everytown in everyzone. This happened at the beginning of WotLK (I bought at a midnight release, and logged on the moment it went live). The towns were already built.


You kinda had to suspend disbelief a little bit. Doesn't really feel like you are one of the first ones there when the buildings and everything are already set. There should have been a resource gathering event to build the strongholds and towns.


Now I know this is a small concern and not really important, however look at it this way the 3rd xpac will come out. The world will be changed. Most people will be on at release but any, and all towns that are rebuilt or moved will be done when the game just came out. Like between all the xpacs everyones toons take a 2-3 week nap.


Kinda takes away the New Frontier feel for me. I just feel there should be a building the towns event during launch to make it seem more like you stepped into the unknown and have to dig a foot hold for the rest of you faction.




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  • Arden0010Arden0010 World of Warcraft CorrespondentMember Posts: 18

    I think you make a really interesting point in the fact it would be really cool to see things getting built when you enter new zones. In terms of TBC though you have to remember that "Outlands" is actually Draenor, the land was already there before the dark portal was re oppened, it was the original home of the Orcs.

    Also the last time it was open many heroes got stuck over at Draenor such as Khadgar in Shattrath City so they would have spent time building their areas. Wrath of the lich king has the same lore backing, Although it was not added to the Azeroth map in the older versions of the game WC3 does a lot of exploring in Northrend and there is backing to support things already being built.

    None the less, I think it would be really interesting to see content that progresses over time.

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  • WintersbiteWintersbite Member Posts: 146

     I think you'd need to read up on the lore to answer your questions. At least the first one anyway.

  • mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

    Yes but I play an Undead and took the zep from Tirisfel to the Forsaken base camp. There is no way the lore can state that it was already built by the forsaken. They had those sweet boats. That should have been how you got there.


    And In TBC Thrallmar was built by the horde. Infact you do a quest to reconnect the orcs of old with the horde.



    Not every town should have to be built. In fact I can understand the high end zones being built because it takes so long to get there it kinda makes sense that they are already up and running.  And cities like Shat being there for lore reasons. Just not the first few camps and such.


    Edit:  I just remembered with WotLK they did have this with the Ice Crown zone where you had to fight to claim key points. They should do that with the starter zones.




    Ea is like a poo fingered midas ~ShakyMo

  • JaklaxJaklax Member Posts: 52

    This Xpac is nothin new..same ole song 'n dance, which i think could really kill off a lot of casual/semi-core players..

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