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WoW and FFXI junction, a must see for yourself!

frakthisfrakthis Member CommonPosts: 4

This was a game introduced by my cousin to play. We could not get over the fact of how much it resembles WoW and FFXI. Almost as if the two made some drunken love and had a premature baby. The game however was entertaining enough do not get me wrong, this is not a bash at all. I just was a little wowed by how much the textures where similar to WoW or Ether Saga Online, While the Character types where much like FFXI. Look at some pictures and videos, you'll see what I mean. The only downfall my cousin ran into is the memory hogging (leeching), as he could only play for a few minutes before his character looked to be teleporting randomly all over the map. Memory dumps or perhaps leaks or even just not enough RAM, besides that I do recommend giving this game a try.

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