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XP ??bit

Howler54Howler54 Member UncommonPosts: 133

Hey guys.

I'm buying a new computer , and getting one with a memory on 4GB. It says that I need 64bit OS to take full advantage of the 4GB memory. I'm going to use my  XPprofessional OS, how do I know if it's 32- or 64bits ?




  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,296

    If its XP 64-bit it would say so. Also you would notice it because most applications won't work. I highly doubt your version is 64-bit.

  • jaxsjesterjaxsjester Member Posts: 5

    Do not waste your money on XP 64-bit. Get vista if anything


  • JosexphJosexph Member Posts: 121

    Actually, 64bit will run mostly anything you throw at it, ive been running it for about 2 years now (vista though). Benchmarks show that it is capable of shorter load times, much more cleaner proformance and etc...



    But to know exactly what copy your running, click start > run > type in "dxdiag", then look where it says operating system and there ya go.

    And jaxsjester, vista also has a 64bit os...fail


  • XasapisXasapis Member RarePosts: 6,337

    There is little point buying vista with win7 so close before launch. In terms of 64bit over 32bit, the 64bit is always a better choice.

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,296

    64-bit vista is different. Vista supports Virtualization through OS, so making 32-bit applications operate in a virtual 32-bit environment isn't a problem.

  • Howler54Howler54 Member UncommonPosts: 133

    Okay cool, thanks guys. Think I'll use my 32bit OS until Win 7 comes out.

  • jaxsjesterjaxsjester Member Posts: 5

    Wise choice imo, not that I have a problem with 64-bit. Just had too many experiences with it. Take the lesser of two evils if you can't afford a mac, lol


  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    A 32 bit operating system can recognize 4 gigabytes maximum of system memory.  This includes graphics memory which will be recognized first. So if you have a 512 megabyte memory graphics card Window XP 32bit with 4 GB of RAM it will state that it has about 3.2 - 3.5 GB of available system memory.

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  • Gweed0Gweed0 Member UncommonPosts: 108
    Originally posted by Xasapis

    There is little point buying vista with win7 so close before launch. In terms of 64bit over 32bit, the 64bit is always a better choice.


    Actually almost everyone right now is offering free upgrade to Win7 for purchasing Vista now. Even online mail order shops are offering the deal.

    I don't think I'll ever run 32 bit again, 64 is getting more streamlined.... probobly the ONE good thing that came from vista... and even that didn't really come from it lol

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