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MMORPG or Not?



  • TUX426TUX426 Member Posts: 1,907
    Originally posted by neonwire 
    Oh indeed. I'm certainly not looking forward to Global Agenda because it will have fabulous fishing trips, fancy player houses where you can choose the colour of your curtains or wonderful sightseeing trips where you can find a hidden pond with a unique animated frog jumping around in it and a hidden fisherman who will give you a quest to find his waterproof hat.
    Nope I'm looking forward to Global Agenda because it will (hopefully) be like playing an enhanced version of Battlefield 2142 (a game I used to really enjoy) where......
    1. All of my individual battles actually count towards changing the outcome of a larger war
    4. I get to influence and change the game world which NO other P2P mmo can offer (at least not one of decent quality anyway)
    8. I can use strategy in picking and choosing which zones I attack and defend
    6. Player vs Player battles are balanced, fair, action packed and fun
    3 Player vs Player battles dont degenerate into brainless zergs
    7. I dont have to wade through boring PvE shit to reach the fun part of the game (Aion cough cough AoC cough cough)
    2. I can use cover and dodge enemies while trying to hit them (ie FPS gameplay) rather than it being a "Battle of the Calculators"
    5. I dont have to play through a linear story which TELLS me what to do and removes my ability to think for myself
    In short I'm looking forward to Global Agenda because it is offering something new.......something which people keep saying they want. It will give me a type of mmo to play which is currently unavailable (no I dont want to play Darkfall thanks for the suggestion lol). Yet so many people just moan and complain because it doesnt offer exactly what all the other games have been offering for years (even though people keep posting about how bored they are with quests, grinding, dumb stories etc)......and therefore that must of course mean it isnt a "real mmo" (ie the same as the rest) and is only worthy of contempt from elitist mmo snobs. Hmph! I wont be playing THAT game! Thats not how an mmo should be made. Instances?! Hmph!
    If I want to watch my avatar walk around a big open fantasy world then there are plenty of games which already do that. Besides we dont even know what Global Agenda PvE element will be like yet. Who knows maybe that pond with the frog and the fisherman can be found in it somewhere.


    WELL SAID!!! 

  • SidraketSidraket Member Posts: 79

    Why are people getting caught up in the rpg part? There are mmos of all sorts, mmorpgs, mmofps, mmorts, mmotbs, mmoflight simulators, etc. The question is it an mmo or not, and i dont think it is. I dont think guild wars is really an mmo either. Both games just have a fancy lobby.


    Just where is the line however? Thats more tricky, you could say a game that has every player existing in the same game world qualifies, but that would exclude just about everything but eve and fallen earth and a few other mmos.

    So id say you should judge based on potential. If the place you are inhabiting is;

    1. There even if you/nobody else is there (persistant)


    2. Allows other players to enter it regardless of any relationship with you (not needing to intend on playing with you (grouping) or against you (a matched pvp situation), up to a maximum number based on hardware limitations.

    then it counts

  • EvileEvile Member Posts: 534

     to the OP. Guild Wars has a huge explorable world. It's just a private instance.


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