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F2P game while waiting

olimassoolimasso Member Posts: 18

Im waiting for Aion to come out but I dont have any game to play in the meantime. So if you guys could suggest me a game meeting the following cirterias, I wopuld be very pleased :D

Things I want in the game:

- F2P

-A decent amount of players, (empty games are boring)

-Not a HUGE game shop that totally boosts other players, cause I'm not spending any money

-Good animations, such as when fighting and using skills

-Craft system

-If possible but not necessary: Movement done with WASD


Also I dont really mind if it involves grindidng, but Maplestory was just too much for me


  • devilnursouldevilnursoul Member Posts: 49

    Atlantica. Don't pass it by because of the fighting system. Out of all the f2p on the market, this one has me the most addicted.

  • olimassoolimasso Member Posts: 18

    Yup, I've tried it. Man y people seem to like it...I liked everything but the fighting system, not my style at all...I prefer the traditionnal ighting system with skills and such.

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