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What class to play

myrikalosmyrikalos Member Posts: 32

I am kind of an mmo n00b and I would like to start out with an interesting class that isn't too difficult in Trickster, what do you recommend? I love playing a mage but I think archers are pretty cool too.

- Dana


  • CaviousCavious Member Posts: 2

    I personally would say play what you know you would enjoy but the beginner friendly classes are the rabbit and the bull

  • myrikalosmyrikalos Member Posts: 32

    Thanks, good to know, the character creation and skill assignment for this game looks pretty interesting. I might try a sense-type character too for the drilling bonuses.

    - Dana

  • CaviousCavious Member Posts: 2

    i really like the charm types mainly because i like being a defensive or support character

  • FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337

    when you make an account you could get 1 free gatcha pick this gives you a chance at 1 rare item the special for the month is better odds

    basically use this and pick a class that the item goes well with

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