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Entropia Universe Heavy Graphics Update in Progress

Starting at 00:00 UTC Aug 17th 2009 time Entropia Universe will be going offline to install the cryengine 2 graphics update.

It will be the first (i think) true MMO game using that engine.


The game should be ready by Tuesday.

google "Entropia Universe" if u wanna d/l the 4 gig client via bit torrent

or u can go here to d/l the client direct download



  • masterofwowmasterofwow Member Posts: 23

    omg for real?!?!? i been waiting for this!!!! YESSS!!!!! IM COMING BACK BABY!!!! 

  • greed0104greed0104 Member Posts: 2,134

    I think I seen my friend play this game a few years back. Is this the game you run around sucking sweat out of random animals.

  • mohanseenautmohanseenaut Member Posts: 32

    Yes you gather sweat to make money in the beginning. The game uses a real cash economy, which means u can deposit money in the game and withdraw what u make ingame to real money. Also own land, apartments aand other stuff, only thing is the mobs dont really drop good gear and stuff unless your fighting high level ones. Also the mining is random and but fun.

    im d/ling it right now the server should be ready around 7pm Eastern standard time on monday.

  • masterofwowmasterofwow Member Posts: 23

    yes and trust me u can make money in this game.... done it before ;) ... i only stop playing cuz i liked lotro graphics... been playing that game... but if EU seriously got the cryengine2 this time... im coming back baby whooo gotta say it twice and im lovin it!!!! 

  • mohanseenautmohanseenaut Member Posts: 32

    Hey do u think u can help me out in game to make some dough. I mean I deposit about 30 month but it usually gets eatin up by ammo and mining stuff. Do you got any secrets?

  • masterofwowmasterofwow Member Posts: 23

    well .... i dunno bout secrets but i would just say be sure you know what your doing in the game... dont be so spendthrift... know your trading techniques well, and well be polite and nice to people.... uhmm some of it is pure luck.... about an 6th of it would be from constant sweating.... you gotta have notes at all times to track where and when you had good drops or location pinpoints.... there are every small thing to watch out for..... like the mobs behavior and what they can mean... where they move in lines (hidden potential mining spot) ... etc... ... ;) if ya wanna know look me up "Josh Silver Carrin" im still downloading the 10.0 VU atm .. .hehehe it be a bit...... god i cant wait im freakin out!!! 

  • mohanseenautmohanseenaut Member Posts: 32

    me too im dying to play a cryengine 2 mmo lol.

    I tried crafting and i blew almost all my cash, mining seems to be ok for me but hunting is kinda tricky cus of the loot, i mean u can spend 10 ped in ammo and go hunt and loot, go back to TT your loot u only make like 4 ped or even 2 or 1


    u get what im sayin

  • mohanseenautmohanseenaut Member Posts: 32

    Download is at 90%...

  • masterofwowmasterofwow Member Posts: 23

    yeah i agree with you bud, everything your saying is pretty much happens to me but .... maybe it is just pure luck.... but hey just watch out for small clues .... they are everywhere hehe ;)

  • masterofwowmasterofwow Member Posts: 23

    damn im at 35% ... downloading at 800kbs ... it be like another hour i think.... lucky u lol

  • mohanseenautmohanseenaut Member Posts: 32

    Anyways bro ill see u in game, ill look u up, my name in game is Jack Nizzle Tyme



  • masterofwowmasterofwow Member Posts: 23

    lol i think i remember seeing you but dont know where... lol see ya ;)

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