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What might have been

agentgigzagentgigz Member Posts: 7

As mentioned in the other threads in these forums, the English version of this game (it is important to note that the developer, Masangsoft, is based in Korea and the Korean version of this game has been treated in a completely different manner) has been, from the start, managed terribly and it really is a shame, because as far as free MMO's go I defy you to find a better one.  It is fast paced, skill oriented and fun as hell.  The one knock on it (which is a valid one) is that it gets to be a grind at the higher levels of play.  However, at one time, it was worth spending the time getting there. 

I started playing this game during its beta at the end of 2005 when it was still based in Korea, but in an English format.  Then things took what seemed at the time a positive turn when the gaming site gPotato (based in California) got the rights to host what was then called "Space Cowboy Online - Episode 2" in the spring of 2006.  It wasn't hugely known of at the time, but those that were playing really liked it and things were going well.  Then the rug got pulled out from everyone when gPotato was given the "cease and desist" order and the servers were shut down permanently.  Those who weren't frustrated by that stuck around and signed up for "AirRivals" ( ) when it got released.  Now, ACE Online has been released and well you can get the picture. 

Had the game in its present form been the one they released in 2006 things might have been very different, but that is kind of the story of this game... so much potential, so poorly handled.


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