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What is really Unique about this game?

hooptyhoopty Member UncommonPosts: 788

If it can't keep it pay Sub..Why should anyone play it when its free?What can this game really do to keep my interest in it?I feel this game is more of a grind and holds nothing else to keep players there..Your thoughts?

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  • MelanaMelana Member Posts: 32

    this game is maybe not good for everyone but its good for people who have enough from buttonsmashing battles and imba armor advantages in pvp.

    -The battlesystem is action oriented so you have to aim and dogde and its not only "cast the best skills with you macro."

    -you don't have to grind to reach the lvl maximum

    -beautiful world

    -innovative ideas

    -the best player wins ... not the best armor and weapon

    these are some points which make the game interesting for me


  • VowOfSilenceVowOfSilence Member UncommonPosts: 565

    that's exactly what i was wondering about...

    So appareltly it's skill instead of gear, and storyline/immersion instead of grind. Sounds iike my cup of tea.

    but that's really all i know about the game. what other features does it offer? what does it do better than other mmos? anything else that is unique about it?

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  • seventy7lseventy7l Member Posts: 112

     There is one cool thing!The rotating skill bar!You use a skill then the bar rotates to next one in sequential order so you can line up combos that way!Character customization is a bit limited but you won't be exactly the same as the next guy because instead of customizing body features it seems that it focuses more on what armor you to be wearing!

    Like pong i keep bouncing back and forth between games.

  • kal08kal08 Member Posts: 90

    The game had a horrible release. Making it f2p is the last chance for it to grow ... all the past years attempt to rez a p2p after release didnt work.

    F2P has a major appeal and it may work. If not, at least they tried something with potential.... I am looking at you Vanguard =(

  • meadmoonmeadmoon Member UncommonPosts: 1,344

    The skill deck it the one unique feature this game has and it almost makes it worth playing. Almost. However, everything else is the same as any other run of the mill BORING MMO, so once the honeymoon is over concerning the skill deck, its pretty much over for good.

  • AphamApham Member UncommonPosts: 99

    The combat is awesome. Very actiony which is different from other mmos. Simply the ability to dodge incoming attacks is awesome. Makes a player more proactive about his role in a group. For example tanks instead of holding aggro need to be proactive and actually try to maneuver themselves in front of mobs before they swing on squishes to take the hit.

  • LobotomistLobotomist Member EpicPosts: 5,867

    Probably best (action twitch based) combat in MMOs

    Also, very original. And good PVP

  • AuzyAuzy Member UncommonPosts: 611

    Excellent pvp!

    Uhh... what?

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