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mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

Haven't really been paying attention to this game much, and not really planning on browsing the forums but is this going to be a retarded pvp fuck fest like dark fail?

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  • osmundaosmunda Member Posts: 1,087

    It's impossible to know until it gets into late beta, but there are a few factors that make it less likely to be the case in MO.

    The flagging system in DF actively rewards you for killing at least half of the other people in the game (depending on your race).  The flagging system in MO has the same negative effect regardless of race.

    Murder counts in DF are easily erased by killing an opposing race.  Murder counts in MO take 20 hours of time online to go away.

    The worst thing that can happen from being a murderer in DF is inability to access NPC cities.  Since you can access your bank vault from any bank (including the bank of the keep you are attacking), it doesn't seem like much of a down side.  In MO the worst thing that can happen from being a murdere is a loss of 10% of your attributes and primary skills when you resurrect.

    In MO your character is marked as "fledgeling" for the first 20 hours and is not attackable by other players.  Well, unless you steal something, attack another player, or renounce your fledgeling status.


  • adralaadrala Member Posts: 148

     Nice and informative post, Osmunda- sth hard to see on these forums.

  • jakojakojakojako Member Posts: 332

    Meh I hope the murder system works out well, because if it's like the "rogue" system in darkfall, people are just going to provoke friendly fire until someone accidently hits them and turns into a "murderer" then they get killed, which would make for the most mind-numbingly boring pvp imaginable.

  • osmundaosmunda Member Posts: 1,087

    If you attack  someone (or they jump in front of your sword) you are flagged grey / criminal. Criminal flag goes away within 2 minutes.  To actually receive a murder count the person has to die. To be flagged a murderer you have to have five full murder counts. That particular exploit is probably possible but hopefully very awkward to execute. 


  • steamtanksteamtank Member UncommonPosts: 391

    it should also be noted that if your clan wars another clan, you can kill the other clan without gaining any murder counts.

  • joshejoshe Member Posts: 379

    Originally posted by steamtank
    it should also be noted that if your clan wars another clan, you can kill the other clan without gaining any murder counts.
    Do not forget about zones controlled by certain guild, in which everyone can be marked as guild leader wants (gray by default, which means an intruder).


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