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This game is dead?

Pro_PwnererPro_Pwnerer Member Posts: 51

 Ok, i recently downloaded this game, and when i went into the beginner zone i was the only person there. 

Every once in a while i saw a shout, but in most games with the shout chat system, your chat was consistantly spammed with shouts, but not this game. So is this game dead or what? 

Edit: i accidently hit space and i didnt enter the other options for poll =(




  • celtlunaceltluna Member Posts: 1

    No Zu is not dead.. I play alot and some one is always talking...what faction did you join? I know there are quiet times but mostly its very active.  I am in Xun and Wu...

  • OracunOracun Member Posts: 27

    "More on that story at 11, Recently a Poll has been made on the forums asking, "Is Zu Online Dead?" According to our reporters, there is 50% saying the game is dead, and there is 50% saying it is dead, Experts say "DEAD" just might be winning this Poll and is soon headed into a shit storm, And now Orla with the Weather."

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