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Deserves more attention

I can honeslty say this game deserves much more attention then it gets.  The gameplay is fun, the grahpics are good, and the dialouge is sooo funny.  But the thing is, their are like no players in the game, so it feels like a offline RPG.   Hopefully with upcoming changes to the game (if they ever happen) makes it a little more popular.

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  • turnipzturnipz Member Posts: 531

    its just it cant decide what to be, its not diablo2 enough to cater to action rpg fans and its not mmorpg to cater to WoW fans.  Id say get some collision, more area of effect spells, and make it more diablo 2ish with masses of enemies to kill with large aoe spells and it would be more fun.

  • tokenizertokenizer Member Posts: 106

    Game is very good. Really, makes all the money.

  • DinjadaiDinjadai Member Posts: 7

    Good game, not great. 

    Far to repetitive to be enjoyable for more than an hour here and there.  But the writing is absolutely hilarious!

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