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Wing customisation

dubledubdubledub Member Posts: 229

Can wings be customised like the character can? (in depth, to a certain extent of course, with all the sliders and stuff - changing  the shape, size, colour etc)


  • Narcin1Narcin1 Member Posts: 145

     I haven't heard anything about that, but you can equip stats to increase your flight time, speed, etc. There are also different wings that become available to you as you level.


  • KebeckKebeck Member Posts: 323

    The quick answer is no..

    But there is different type of wings seperated in tiers which look bigger and have more details as you go on in the game... There will probably be more added to the game after a couple of months...

  • BureykuBureyku Member Posts: 488

    No custom, but you can acquire different wings like stated above.

  • dubledubdubledub Member Posts: 229

    Ye thats what I figured, oh well - that would have been cool

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