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Dawntide-sandbox mmo.

mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

Here is a new game I came across that is in beta. It is a fully sandbox game thought it was at least worth a post. not much of a webpage but they have a forum and a info page. +beta signup.






Edit. Working Link

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  • WhibboWhibbo Member Posts: 49

    Interesting info on their website.  I signed up for Beta just cause I like their ideas.  They are supposedly creating a game world where all types are "needed" from carebears to griefers.  A red flag goes up though when I hear a game that wants to be all things to all people.

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  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 11,732

    Every MMO released has to be all things to all men. Well at least as far as their PR department is concerned.

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  • mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

    Yea I agree with you that is a little cause for concern, but you never know they might have a way to pull it off that noone has thought of. Also the screenies don't look to bad like Oblivion on medium. Would like some info on the combat system. Maybe the boys here can dig something up.






    Ea is like a poo fingered midas ~ShakyMo

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