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Star Wars: The Old Republic races?

I can't find anything on their website about the current races available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I can see the classes but I hear Mandalorians have already been released as a race. Where is this information being leaked, and what do we currently know is confirmed as races?

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  • EiadoEiado Member UncommonPosts: 20

     They haven't released info on races. we know human and that is it. And you've probably just started a war with lore. 

    Mandalorians are not a race, it is a culture and a way of life... but not a race. So.... I'm sure there will be mandalorians in the game, as they are big in this time period having sided with the sith and put that blockade up against the Republic... but it's not a race and shouldn't be treated as one. More a faction to deal with... or join (maybe?)

  • IlvaldyrIlvaldyr Member CommonPosts: 2,142

    Mandalorian is probably more suited to being a class, not a race. It's been rumoured to be the Sith Empires counterpart to the Republics Trooper; heavily armoured weapons platform kinda class.

    As for race, we've virtually no information. The only 100% confirmed playable characters we've seen in gameplay videos so far have been human. Anything beyond that is just conjecture and hearsay.

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