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Useless Game

XotellXotell Member UncommonPosts: 34

I really don't know why people even play this... Graphics are pretty good but that's all it's got. I got to lvl 3 in ~2 hours because of insanely drawn-out tutorial quests:  Find and talk to this NPC x3 there're each about 10-15 feet from me. Kill 2 lvl 1 mobs and come back so you find more NPCs. I keep dealing with the quests in hope that they'll be over and I can do...whatever. I go to the second town (on a quest, again) and someone who I didn't even see two hits and kills me. No reason, no warning, worst of all no consent. If you need further explanation waste about 5 hours total DLing and playing it to lvl 3.

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  • MasterChaosXMasterChaosX Member Posts: 52

    if you are on the NA version, you should ahve played ont eh Novice server. Cant be Pk'ed there

  • GodsmackXGodsmackX Member Posts: 6

    I fully understand what you mean. But that is something we can't change. Cabal is not very bad but it's too easy. Pkers kill all begginners. When i play cabal and i get attacked i usually run intill they stop following but then they freeze me >_>. A way to get away for them is return stones. I undertsand what you mean but it nothing we can help you with. Cabal is good but it has many bad features which buts noobies in a bad situation.

    - Too fast to level up

    - To easy to make money

    - Not enough gameplay (to repeative)

    - Gets boring very easy

    - Not a lot of skills for classes

  • Calintz333Calintz333 Member UncommonPosts: 1,192

    It just was not very fun at mid- high levels for me. I just quit and joined a much faster exp rate version. 

  • UNH0LYEV1LUNH0LYEV1L Member UncommonPosts: 507

    Cabal is a very cool game.  The skills and combat animations are the best part.  You should have played in the novice or other green colored channels where PK'ing is not allowed.  This would have let you level up enough to hold your own before switching to other channels.  Cabal is very heavily based on PvP and for beginners it has a steep learning curve.  I urge you to continue to play it.  The game has some very cool features, though I will admit the quest lines are horrible in this game.

  • XerielXeriel Member Posts: 9

    I've been playing since the summer of 08... it's just like any other MMO.

  • natlunatlu Member Posts: 4

    I have played Cabal Online and it was one of the fastest leveling game I have played (aside from the skills). I have a level 112 Blader and I am still able to level up within 2 hours just by completing a dungeon. You just have to be at the right place at the right time. ^^v  I really enjoyed playing it. It has very good graphics and effects and the classes are not that bad. lol! I also enjoyed PKing with my guildmates or friends.

  • KlonexKlonex Member Posts: 1

    although the game does have good graphics and has a good enough system for pvp and pve. it has to improve a heck of a lot more. the drop rate of the mobs are actually quite decent though the drop rate of those dungeons are extremely horribly. making money is even harder because mostly everything you do takes a lot of money from the game. (Nation Wars costs 1mil to get in they should be free, there's a charge for the every single thing you put in your bank which actually quite low but it starts to take effect, there's a huge percentage taken out of the things you sell if you put them up in the *agent shop* - (a shop where anyone can get on to buy items). so its really hard getting money enough to buy the thing that people put up, so what ends up happening is that people tend to rely and buy a lot from those GOLD selling spammers. ( A lot of people buy from them) once you get to a level around 120 the game gets extremely boring, which is actually pretty high since a lot of people tend to quit a game a lot earlier. Dungeon drops - back to that... i've run each dungeon over 300 times (i have the titles and have counted them to prove it) the last boss is where you're suppose to get something great for your effort not at first at least which is understandable but after you've that dungeon so many times you get extremely bored and give up on getting something good, the ones that end up getting those great items are the hackers, because they farm in that dungeon for a long time so just give up trying to get the items that you need for a high level player. since the drop rate is horrible those who craft tend to have a huge problem getting those items that you need since they're super rare to get. the game has improved on some levels like having more dungeons, having cheaper things and trying to put money back in the game (drop rate is still crap) those higher level players have basically nothing to do at all in the game but an endless wave of PVP which can be fun but after a while it gets boring.(having myself a lvl 144 ranger and 170 sage) there's nothing to do in the game at all. as far as quests go they stop around level 99 and the max level of a player is 170 so you run out of things to do with you friends and guild a lot of the times.

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